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Have You Been Pulled Over For Speeding In New York?

When you’re driving, nothing is more nerve-wracking than seeing flashing lights behind you. While it can seem simplest to simply pay your speeding ticket, even seemingly minor speeding violations can result in costly fines, court dates and traffic violations on your driving record.

Repeated violations could result in the suspension of your license. Fighting back against these charges could depend on working with the right attorney.

Michael A. Ferraro, Esq., P.C. has 15 years of experience helping drivers in New York – and drivers from other states – navigate traffic violation charges. If you have been accused of speeding, he can represent your interests, fight back against these charges and protect you from the damage that these charges can do to your finances, your driving record and your freedoms.

Reasons To Hire An Attorney After You’ve Been Written Up For Speeding

You have many decisions to make after you have been charged with speeding. You could simply pay your ticket and accept the challenges that come from it, or you could contest the ticket. You could represent yourself, or you could hire an attorney.

First and foremost, attorneys know traffic law. Your attorney has experience and knowledge of all aspects of New York’s traffic law, which means that they can give you additional information necessary to make a truly informed decision. Especially if you are from out of state and passing through New York while traveling, that additional knowledge could be essential.

You will also save money. Simply paying the ticket to avoid court time will result in paying the maximum possible fine for the charge. Fighting back against the ticket could decrease the penalty you have to pay.

You might discover an alternative you never would have thought of. Your attorney can help you explore all your options. They could help you contest the penalty to decrease the fine you have to pay or have the charges dismissed altogether.

No matter how you decide to handle your ticket, it is a good idea to speak with an attorney before making that decision. A free consultation with a New York criminal defense attorney can help you explore which options are right for you.

Representing Out-Of-State Drivers

If you live outside of New York and were pulled over for speeding in New York, you have options.

You don’t have to come to New York to contest a speeding ticket. Michael A. Ferraro can handle the logistics from New York, keeping you informed throughout the process. Contact him to learn about your specific options.

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