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Have you been charged with “driving while ability impaired” (DWAI) or DWAI drugs in Orange County or the Hudson Valley of New York state?

You need the help of a dedicated, experienced defense attorney — a skilled Orange County, New York, DWAI defense attorney who will protect your rights at all times and question the credibility of the evidence against you.

Michael A. Ferraro, Esq., P.C., is that kind of devoted advocate in DWI/DWAI cases. He has helped many people reclaim their driving privileges and restore their reputations.

A DWI charge, an arrest for driving while ability impaired or a DWI/DWAI refusal can lead to suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. Don’t let that happen. When the stakes are this high and you cannot afford a bad outcome, Michael A. Ferraro will work hard to put you back on the road.

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When You Can’t Afford A Bad Outcome, Michael A. Ferraro Is Here To Help

An arresting officer’s contention may not be that you were drunk when pulled over. His suspicion, and that of a drug recognition expert, may have been that you were “buzzed” or “high” — and were therefore impaired to drive a motor vehicle safely.

All DWI/DWAI testing — urine, blood, field sobriety or breathalyzer — is highly technical, and even experienced police officers can make errors that invalidate the results of the test. Michael A. Ferraro collects and analyzes evidence that can discredit your test results.

Mr. Ferraro is attentive to your legal needs. He is available to your questions, day and night. He is a hard worker who gets results for his clients. Find out more about his proven legal leadership in DWAI and DWAI Drugs cases by arranging your free consultation.

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