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Aggressive Defense For Your Traffic Violation

Were you arrested for reckless driving on a major thoroughfare in Orange County or the Hudson Valley? You may think that your ticket, or your second or third one, is nothing to fret over – just another bump in the road, so to speak.

While it might seem like a simple matter, you should take your ticket seriously. Traffic violations defense lawyer Michael A. Ferraro has seen cases like yours from a variety of useful perspectives during his 15 years of experience – some of these years as an Assistant District Attorney for Orange County.

He will actively challenge the prosecution’s evidence and work to protect your driver’s license. In many traffic cases, this involves testing the accuracy of the technology used against you.

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Fifteen Years Of Experience With Protecting The Rights Of People Like You

Many drivers in New York – both residents of the state and out-of-state visitors traveling or bringing college-age children to and from school – can find themselves pulled over for a traffic violation on Interstate 84, I-87, Route 17, the New York State Thruway and many other roads.

These charges can result in costly fines, time-consuming court cases and even the loss of your ability to drive in the state of New York.

Protect your rights, starting today. Don’t allow a questionable speeding violation or arrest jeopardize your New York driving privileges. When you cannot afford a bad outcome, the best investment you can make is hiring a skilled, aggressive lawyer who has handled traffic violations.

Michael A. Ferraro can aggressively contest the charges against you. He will take every step within the law to spare your driving record from a negative impact. You can trust this veteran DWI and traffic violations lawyer’s reputation of results to give your goals every chance of success.

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