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Has A DWI Arrest Endangered Your Commercial Driver’s License?

An on-duty or off-duty arrest for DWI, DWAI or DWAI Drugs can put your New York CDL (commercial driver’s license) in danger of suspension or revocation.

Your CDL enables you to work and provide for your family. In this situation, you cannot afford a bad outcome. The smartest investment you can make to defend your commercial driving privileges and livelihood is a quality DWI defense legal representation.

Michael A. Ferraro, Esq., P.C. offers effective, aggressive DWI defense counsel for those in Orange County and the Hudson Valley. He works hard to protect his clients’ rights and put them back on the road.

Mr. Ferraro is a former Orange County Assistant District Attorney. His insight into DWI prosecutions can benefit you. He holds law enforcement officials to a high standard, and will work to expose any aspect of your arrest that wasn’t in accordance with the law.

Whether you are a small-business van driver or interstate trucker subject to reciprocity, Mr. Ferraro can help you.

For aggressive, 24/7 protection of your rights in DWI/CDL cases, contact an Orange County CDL and DWI attorney. Arrange your free consultation at 845-809-4609.

If Your CDL Is Your Livelihood, You Cannot Afford A Bad Outcome

The circumstances of your DWI/DWAI arrest can vary. You could be pulled over while on or off the job, in an official commercial car, truck or trailer, or in your own personal or family vehicle.

Mr. Ferraro knows what reasonable suspicion and probable cause look like. He questions the validity of your field sobriety test or breathalyzer results. He thoroughly investigates every part of the charge, including road and weather conditions at the time of your arrest. He will counsel you as to your options and the penalties you may face, and will convincingly argue on your behalf.

When your ability to drive professionally is threatened by a DWI/DWAI arrest, depend on experienced defense lawyer Michael A. Ferraro to do all he can for you.

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