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Did You Refuse A Breathalyzer Test?

If you are pulled over for drunk driving and refuse to take a Breathalyzer or chemical test, you face serious consequences.

In addition to the criminal charges filed against you for drunk driving, you will have to attend a civil hearing about that refusal. If you are unsuccessful at that hearing, you will lose your driver’s license for at least one year and have to pay hefty fines in addition to the other consequences you may face for drunk driving charges.

Michael A. Ferraro knows both sides of drunk driving defense, and can help you navigate both the criminal charges before you and the civil case that determines the fate of your driver’s license. With 15 years of experience serving clients accused of drunk driving in New York, he will work with you to achieve positive results.

Protect Your Rights

Working with an attorney who knows both these civil cases and the criminal charges against you could be an important step toward fighting against the loss of your license. Your refusal hearing will revolve around a few key questions:

  • Was there a reason for the police officer to believe that you were driving under the influence, and was there probable cause to make the arrest?
  • Did the officer clearly inform you of the possible consequences of your refusal?
  • After a warning about the consequences, did you still refuse to submit to the requested test?

Not only can your lawyer help you navigate your options and make informed decisions about both legal concerns, but they can also advocate for you to create the best possible results. They can help you act quickly to ensure that relevant deadlines are met, ensure that your rights were not violated during the course of your arrest and help protect your freedom after a DUI arrest.

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Are you wondering about your legal options after refusing a breathalyzer test or refusing a field sobriety test in New York?

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