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DWI Defense For Your Field Sobriety & Breathalyzer Results

Road conditions, weather conditions and the state of your health can contribute to errors in DWI arrests. If you feel that a mistake in your field sobriety or breathalyzer DWI test worked against you, an experienced DWI lawyer should know about it. Michael A. Ferraro a former Orange County Assistant District Attorney, has helped many people who find themselves in these situations.

Selecting a DWI lawyer to handle your case should come down to years of service, recognized skills and a reputation for client commitment. Orange County, New York, DWI test attorney Michael A. Ferraro brings all of those positives to the task of representing you.

Have you been charged with a DWI refusal? Do you need a skilled defense attorney by your side for a DMV administrative hearing in New York state?

When the stakes are high — when you are facing harsh DWI penalties, risk losing your driver’s license and cannot afford a bad outcome, his respected law firm can help you.

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Former Orange County Assistant District Attorney Protects Your Rights

Field sobriety testing can call for strenuous physical maneuvers that many able-bodied people cannot perform. Breathalyzer DWI tests, meanwhile, can set up “false positives” which can inaccurately calculate your blood alcohol content.

At the time of your arrest, you may have been suffering from an allergy, diabetes or physical disability — even a condition as insignificant as acid reflux. The state of your health is central to the accuracy of any testing done by the police.

Mr. Ferraro’s thorough investigation of your arrest and test results bring out every credible factor that can support your side of your case. He knows the laws of implied consent, reasonable suspicion and probable cause for police to stop you.

Know your rights. Retain a DWI test attorney who will work hard to protect them. Michael A. Ferraro, Esq., P.C. offers free initial consultations and 24/7 availability to your questions and issues. Contact his law office in Cornwall today.

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