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Should You Always Keep Up With Other Drivers?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Speeding tickets |

Speeding is one of the aggressive behaviors on the road that can get you a ticket.  You can face serious consequences for this violation, including high fines and a possible jail term. But what if everyone else is driving beyond the speed limit?

Here is what you need to know. 

Speeding is a traffic violation 

Speeding is unlawful even if everyone on the road is doing it. It will be best not to keep up with them. When you are stopped by the police, you will get a speeding ticket and face the consequences individually.

Is it unsafe to drive slower?

Some people believe driving within the speed limit on a road with speeding drivers, which technically is slower than them, is dangerous. Consequently, they may catch up to be ‘safe.” However, this is not true. If you give the speeding drivers room and remain behind, you will be in less danger. 

Further, if a driver is tailgating or harassing you, even after you gave them the way, pull over at a gas station and call the police.

How can you maintain your speed?

It can be frustrating to drive around speeding drivers. You may be tempted to speed up and may also feel anxious. However, it will help to stay calm and maintain your speed. Some of the tips to employ are: 

  • Use your speedometer, not other drivers’ speed 
  • Understand you control your car 
  • Do not get angry with the other drivers; of course, they are endangering other road users, but being angry and focusing on them means you won’t pay attention to your driving

Keeping up with other drivers could get you a speeding ticket. If you do get one, you need legal guidance to protect your driving record.