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Believing these traffic ticket myths can worsen your situation

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | Speeding tickets |

Traffic tickets are annoying and inconvenient, but they do not impose any real consequences, right? Wrong—this is just one of many misconceptions most motorists have about traffic tickets. In truth, tickets can lead to fines and higher insurance premiums and could even threaten your driving privileges.

Before you brush off your ticket and hope the matter will eventually drop, learn the truth about traffic violations and your legal options. Get started right now by disregarding these common myths.

Myth 1. You can ignore out-of-state tickets

Long ago, it may have been possible to evade a traffic ticket without severe repercussions, but not anymore. Digital data sharing ensures the citation will follow you wherever you go. In other words, if you get ticketed here in New York, the violation can still impact your driving record in other states.

Myth 2. There are no defenses for traffic citations

There are always options to explore if you want to fight your traffic ticket. Two examples include challenging the officer’s conclusions and showing the driving behavior was justified (to avoid harm, etc.). Guidance from a legal representative may help to ensure you present a sound case to the court.

Myth 3. Clerical errors are grounds for dismissal

Contrary to belief, it is not that easy to challenge a traffic ticket over documentation errors. Minor mistakes like typos and spelling errors may not be enough to raise doubt about your case. However, motorist or vehicle identification errors are generally worth exploring as a defense.

Replacing your misconceptions with facts and legal knowledge about New York traffic tickets can help you determine how to proceed with your case.