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How does a New York speeding ticket affect out-of-state drivers?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2023 | Speeding tickets |

Drivers from other states come to New York for different reasons, from business to driving kids to colleges in the area. They don’t need to apply for a New York State driver’s license, provided they have a valid one from another state. However, they need to observe traffic laws, including speed limits.  

If you receive a New York speeding ticket, it will help to defend it, as it may affect you in different ways, including:

You can get violation points

A significant number of states have agreements to exchange information concerning driving offenses. Thus, if you get a speeding ticket in New York and choose to pay the fine instead of fighting it, the offense may go on your record, which may be shared with your state. 

As a result, you can get points on your local license. If you commit other offenses in your state, you will get more points. Getting too many points may lead to the suspension of your license.

You may lose your driving privilege in New York 

Non-resident drivers in New York are subject to the same rules as in-state ones. Therefore, with a speeding ticket, your driving privileges in the state may be suspended or revoked for a particular period. Accordingly, you will have to write to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles and pay stated fees to restore your driving privileges in New York. 

You need to fight a speeding ticket to protect your record. Even though paying the fine seems convenient, it may affect your life. It will be best to get professional guidance to find the best defense strategies. Besides, you may not need to travel to New York to contest the ticket.