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How an attorney helps out-of-state drivers with New York tickets

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Speeding tickets |

A traffic ticket is an inconvenience anytime you receive one, but especially when you are far from home. Visitors to New York state may be at increased risk of traffic infractions because they are unfamiliar with state law and apply the traffic rules from their home state inappropriately to New York traffic situations.

The lowest possible fine for a minor speeding offense is $45, but more serious citations can carry a maximum fine of $600. Allegations of reckless driving will lead to a criminal record in addition to whatever financial penalties the courts impose. A ticket, even from another state, will have an impact on how much you pay for your motor vehicle liability.

Depending on what state you are from and your previous driving record, another traffic citation could potentially cost you your driver’s license or force you into a higher-risk pool for insurance purposes. How will retaining a New York lawyer help you handle your recent traffic ticket?

You can avoid court obligations and additional travel

If a police officer cited you for a misdemeanor traffic offense rather than a simple infraction, you have to go to court. You also have to attend a court hearing if you want to defend against a ticket. You won’t get a hearing that will take place while you are still on vacation. The turnaround time will be weeks, if not several months.

Even if you live nearby, such as in New Jersey, taking a day off of work to travel back to New York to handle a ticket can be inconvenient and embarrassing. When you have a lawyer representing you in a traffic matter, you typically will not need to be present for any court proceedings that take place, so long as your attorney attends in your stead.

You can prevent another infraction on your record

The lawyer representing you can defend against the traffic allegations. If they are successful, you won’t have to pay the ticket or worry about what impact it may have on your license or your insurance costs.

Properly responding to a New York traffic ticket and can help you protect your license and minimize the inconvenience you must endure for that citation.