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What New Yorkers need to know about speeding and driver’s license points

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | Speeding tickets |

Almost everyone speeds occasionally, and most people don’t get caught. However, some people take it too far, driving excessively fast, even in residential neighborhoods.

New York wants to keep the roads as safe as possible, which means trying to limit irresponsible habits at the wheel, like driving at extremely high speeds. The faster people drive, the more serious the penalties they face after getting caught speeding are. Specifically, the state assesses more points against your driver’s license for excessive speeds than for being a few miles over the speed limit.

How does the New York license point system work?

Every driver in New York has a state record that reflects their driving history. Every time you get into a crash receive a citation from a police officer for a moving violation oh, the state will add points to your license in addition to levying a fine against you.

If an officer cites you for driving between one and 10 miles per hour (mph) over the posted speed limit, the citation will typically carry three points. Speeds of between 11 and 20 mph over the limit will carry four points, while 21 to 30 mph over will mean six points. At 31 mph over the limit, the points increase to 8, and anyone going more than 40 mph over the limit will receive 11 points on their license for that one infraction.

Fighting a speeding ticket, especially if you already have points on your license, might be a good decision to protect your driving record and your insurance rates. It can also help you avoid a license suspension. An experienced attorney can help.