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The technology to limit a car’s speed is arriving, but will Americans accept it?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Speeding tickets |

If you’ve got a newer-model car, you may see a miniature speed limit sign appear on your speedometer that lets you know what the speed limit is on the stretch of road where you’re driving. It’s handy for areas where you may not see a speed limit sign. Of course, it’s not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

While that technology provides convenient information, it doesn’t cause your vehicle to adhere to the speed limit. That technology is here. Some Volvo vehicles are equipped with it. In the European Union, all new cars will be required to have speed limiters beginning with the 2022 models. It’s an effort to prevent dangerous fast driving.

Survey shows that views vary by gender, age

Would that kind of technology be accepted by Americans, where speeding causes over a quarter of crash fatalities, or would it would be viewed as an unacceptable limit on our freedom? One survey asked 1,000 Americans if they would be willing to have a speed limiter on their car. 

Overall, the majority of respondents (68%) said no. Only 14% said they should be legally mandated. People’s responses varied based on their age and gender. 

While 38% of women said they’d be willing to have a speed limiter, only 26% of men did. The majority of drivers of all ages were not willing to have one. More respondents 65 and over were willing to than those in any other age group.

Speeding can easily occur when the roads are clear of traffic

Most people don’t speed irresponsibly. They may be on a street or even a highway with little or no traffic and simply not realize they’re going above the posted speed limit. They may find themselves alone on the open road somewhere in a rural part of the state and figure there’s no harm in hitting the gas.

Whatever one of these situations happened to you and you got a speeding ticket for going well over the limit or you believe the ticket was a mistake, it may be wise to explore your legal options rather than pay the ticket. You might be able to save yourself from fines and points on your driver’s license and, depending on your driving record, potentially even the loss of your license.