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Should you fight a speeding ticket?

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | Speeding tickets |

Many people think that if they get a speeding ticket, then they need to pay it. In some cases, this may be the simplest solution, but you need to consider a few things.

  • Were you speeding? Machines used to measure speed can fall out of calibration. If an officer decided you were speeding, based on the rate they were traveling in their car, you could argue they have no evidence, just a subjective opinion.
  • Was it your car, and were you driving? If they pulled you over after further down the road, they might have got the wrong car. Perhaps it was a car that looked like yours that they had seen speeding earlier. Maybe someone else was driving your car at the time.
  • Did you break the law? Sometimes, there are technicalities in the wording of the law which an attorney can use to defend you. What is the actual speed limit on the stretch of road you were caught on? It could have changed recently, and the police officers may not have noticed.
  • Did you have a good reason? If you were driving your father to the hospital because he had suffered a heart attack, a court might consider this a valid reason to speed.

How much more than the cost of the ticket will you end up paying?

You may decide the cost of the ticket is worth more than your time trying to fight it. Yet, you need to consider the effect of points on your license. What if they take you over a limit? You may lose your license for a time or your insurance premiums may increase. If you wish to contest your speeding ticket, seek legal advice to see if it is worthwhile.