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Does a truck driver have to worry about drinking when they’re off the clock?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | DWI defense |

Truck drivers need to be fully sober and alert when they drive, on account of the fact that their vehicles are incredibly dangerous to those around them. Even making a simple mistake like not pressing the brakes in time could cause a devastating accident. Truck drivers know that they need to stay safe.

But what if these drivers want to consume alcohol when they’re not on the clock? Maybe they want to have a drink with dinner or drink with her friends on the weekends. They know they can’t do it when they’re working, but do they have to worry about it at all when they’re not?

Factors to consider

Of course, it’s not illegal for drivers to drink when they’re off the clock. They just need to make sure that they’re completely sober by the time they’re on the clock and behind the wheel again.

One factor to consider is that the rule of thumb for alcohol consumption is that a normal person can metabolize a single drink in an hour. Drinking more than this could be problematic because your blood alcohol concentration will not have time to fall back to zero if you immediately get back in the truck.

This could also be an issue for those who drink heavily when they’re off the clock. It can take hours to get your BAC back down, and many people do get DWIs the next morning. Truck drivers need to be very wary about drinking late into the evening and then getting up early to go to work.

If you are facing serious drunk driving charges, it can have a major impact on your life and your career, and you need to know what defense options you have.