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How fast can you drive on an unmarked road?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Speeding tickets |

Generally speaking, roads should always have periodic signs informing drivers what the speed limit is on that section of the road. Those who use GPS systems may also have an indicator on the screen, but this is not always the case and not all cars have these systems anyhow.

So what if you find yourself on a road that does not have any speed limit signs and is entirely unmarked? How fast are you allowed to drive? Could you be pulled over for speeding even though there was no posted limit?

It depends on what type of road you’re using

The key is to consider what type of road you’re driving on at the time. Generally speaking, if you’re on a paved highway that is unmarked, the standard speed limit is 55 mph. Most roads do have signs stating this, but you still have to abide by it under New York law, even if there is no limit posted.

That said, specific cities and municipalities can set their own limits. You need to know the traffic laws in your area to know exactly what limit you’re facing. A common example is that New York City uses a 25 mph limit when there is no posted speed limit on the side of the road. Again, most roads do have signs, but it’s very important for those who are visiting or living in the city to know that the limit for them is 25, rather than the 55 they may be able to drive in rural areas outside of the city.

Limits still exist, even when there’s no sign

The key thing to remember here is that speed limits still exist, even when they are not posted. You can still face speeding tickets for breaking these limits. If that happens, make sure you know exactly what steps to take next to protect your interests.