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Have ride-hailing services reduced the number of drunk driving incidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | DWI defense |

Most drivers know that they shouldn’t ever operate a motor vehicle if they’re drinking alcohol. In the past, some really didn’t have options to get home if they started drinking when they didn’t expect to. Now, people can opt to use ride-hailing to avoid driving after drinking. 

There was a study done in New York regarding how ride-hailing programs impact drunk driving incidents. It found that there was a 25 to 35% decrease in accidents related to alcohol in areas where services like Uber and Lyft are available. 

How you can use ride-hailing services to avoid legal problems

Even if you don’t plan on drinking when you go out, it’s a good idea to have the rideshare apps on your phone just in case you do have a few drinks. This gives you the chance to easily get a ride home. You’d just have to make sure that your vehicle is somewhere that it won’t get towed. If it needs to be moved, find someone sober to handle that for you. 

What to do when there are limited options

Of course, rideshare programs aren’t available everywhere. It’s possible that there might not be enough drivers or that they simply don’t service that area. This means that you’d have to find another way home. You never want to get behind the wheel while impaired, so take along a designated driver or call a friend if you need a lift home.

Just the same, mistakes happen. Anyone who’s accused of drunk driving should ensure that they learn their options for handling the matter. An experienced defense attorney can make sure that your rights are asserted and your interests are protected.