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Yes, New York does have speed cameras, and here’s what you should know

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Speeding tickets |

If you’re used to cruising down the street without thinking about your speed, you may want to start slowing down. New York City is just one area in which speeding cameras are now being implemented to keep a watchful eye over people driving through the area.

These cameras have long been used outside the schools in the city to help keep children safer from speeding vehicles. In 2019, officials came out and admitted that the use of those cameras had resulted in fewer crashes and injuries.

The success of speed cameras means expansion throughout the city

The success of speed cameras in New York has meant that the state decided to create a larger network of automated cameras. Now, over 2,000 cameras are located in around 750 areas of the city, making it nearly impossible for anyone to speed without getting caught.

Speed cameras lead to greater revenue

One thing that is true of these cameras is that they have led to greater revenue for the city. Going just 10 mph over the speed limit, in most areas, leads to a $50 fine. That fine is mailed directly to the registered owner of the vehicle.

What should you do if you get caught in a speed trap?

If you get a ticket, you still have the option to fight it in court. Know that the camera will have taken a photograph of your vehicle and license plate, but they do sometimes make mistakes. These cameras are not manned, so there is a risk that they could take a photograph of the wrong vehicle or have a malfunction.

For example, in one case in Baltimore, a camera reported that a truck was traveling at 57 mph when it was sitting still at a red light. That’s the kind of issue that could occur, and it’s one worth arguing a ticket over.

If you get a speeding ticket, know that you do have the right to fight it. A ticket can impact your insurance rates, license and finances. It’s worth taking the time to argue for leniency or to prove that the camera was not accurate when it took the photo.