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Can you trick a Breathalyzer into giving you the all-clear?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | DWI defense |

There are many urban myths about how to beat a police traffic stop. Believing them could land you in serious trouble.

3 top DWI stop myths

Here are three of the most popular but erroneous theories about how to beat a police DWI stop:

  • Make your breath minty: While brushing your teeth or popping some mints before a date could hide halitosis, it will not fool the police. They may be more likely to Breathalyze you if you smell overly minty. Some mouthwashes could even increase the Breathalyzer reading.
  • Use a bottle of someone else’s urine: While a staple of frat party movies, you are unlikely to fool the law. Traffic officers who think you have been drinking will typically ask you to take a breath test, not a urine test. Refusing a Breathalyzer will lead to a license suspension and a fine. Any attempt to deceive a later urine test will have further serious consequences.
  • Eat food: Fast food stands are common outside bars. While a burger can quash your hunger at the end of the night, it cannot “absorb the alcohol,” you have already consumed. If you eat before you drink or eat while you drink, then yes, it can slow down alcohol absorption into your bloodstream.

Does that mean you can never beat a DWI charge?

Thankfully there are plenty of ways to beat a DWI charge. Breathalyzers can read wrong for several reasons, such as a lack of calibration. Prescription medications and medical conditions such as diabetes could also cause tests to read positive when you have not been drinking. The officers can also make mistakes in carrying out the stop, which could render it invalid. If you are facing a DWI charge, it is essential to understand your defense options.