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Fighting a DWI? Make sure you get the right attorney

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2020 | DWI defense |

Sometimes people make mistakes and end up with a drunk driving charge. Other times, however, charges happen because a police officer makes a mistake pulling someone over, a field sobriety test is handled badly or a Breathalyzer is poorly calculated.

Whatever the reason for the charges, It is important for anyone who is accused of a DWI to defend themselves because no one deserves to be unfairly charged or penalized. To help defend yourself, you’ll want to work with an attorney who is familiar with the laws in the state and the penalties that you could face upon conviction.

What should you look for in a DWI attorney?

If you are looking for a DWI attorney, there are a few things to ask an attorney before choosing to work with them. It’s important for you to:

  • Ask them how long they’ve been a criminal defense attorney
  • Ask about their specialty and if they focus on DWI defense
  • Ask about their experience with Breathalyzers and other chemical testing
  • Ask about the cost of their services and how the fee structure works

These simple questions can give you a better idea of how the attorney will handle your case and if they normally have positive outcomes. You should always meet with your attorney as well, so you can see how you feel when you’re talking to one another. Being comfortable with your attorney is important since you’ll be working together on your case. 

Our website has more on fighting a DWI and choosing the right attorney for the job. If you’re facing charges, remember that you have a right to defend yourself.