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A DWI charge could lose you your job

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2020 | DWI defense |

If you work as a commercial driver, a DWI charge can cost you your job and may prevent you from getting another one for years.You need to explore all the options available to protect your license. You are not going to be able to do this alone. You will need the help of an attorney who understands how to contest these charges.

Once you have rung an attorney to make an appointment, these are some things to reflect on. They may hold the key to your defense:

  • How did the stop happen? Was it a checkpoint, or did the police flag you down specifically? If so, why do you think they chose you in particular? Were you driving oddly at the time for any reason?
  • How did they decide you were driving while intoxicated? Did they make you get out of the car and do field sobriety tests? If so, which ones? Did one police officer see it, or did both? Did you take a Breathalyzer test? If so, what did it read?
  • Did they read you your rights? If the police arrest you, they need to read you the Miranda rights.
  • Is this the first time this has happened? Do you have any previous DWI charges?
  • Did you eat or drink anything that could have contained alcohol? Did you eat a steak in a brandy sauce or drink what you thought was an alcohol-free punch?
  • Did you take any legal drugs recently? Sometimes, the medication you take on could affect your driving and your mental state.

If your commercial driving job is at stake, you need to explore all options you can to contest the DWI charges.