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If your driving privileges are being jeopardized by a DWI charge, a DWAI charge, or a succession of speeding and traffic violations, you need skilled defense representation in your corner right away.

Michael A. Ferraro, Attorney at Law has helped people in your position for ten years. He will carefully analyze every aspect of your drunk driving or criminal offense arrest. He will turn errors by law enforcement to your advantage.

You can trust an experienced former assistant district attorney to know the law, know the strategies prosecutors use, and know how to thwart them.

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Michael Ferraro's practice focuses solely on criminal defense. He is able to handle every type of criminal allegation, including the following:

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Contact the Cornwall, New York, law office of Michael A. Ferraro. Your investment in experienced defense representation could be the smartest you ever made. In return, you receive the benefits of his years of experience and 24/7 availability.

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