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Have you been arrested for DWI, DWAI or DWAI Drugs in the Hudson Valley?

Have you been charged with a serious criminal offense, such as assault or theft?

Have you been ticketed for speeding or a traffic violation?

Michael A. Ferraro, Attorney at Law in Cornwall, New York, can customize his experience as a criminal defense lawyer to suit your unique needs. He can serve as your voice in negotiations and your advocate at hearings and at trial. You will appreciate his hard work and reputation for results.

Michael A. Ferraro knows your rights and knows how to protect them. He knows DUI defense law. He knows the people of Cornwall and Orange County, having been born and raised there. His wealth of knowledge and commitment to his clients can make a difference in your case.

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Arrested for DWI or DWAI? New Windsor Attorney Michael A. Ferraro Can Help

Mr. Ferraro will question every arrest procedure, analyze every piece of evidence and interview every available witness. He will work to cast doubt on the validity of your field sobriety test and breathalyzer results. He works hard to help you avoid driver's license suspension, especially if your livelihood requires a commercial driver's license (CDL). He makes sure that you know the penalties you face, and works hard to help you avoid them.

As a former Assistant District Attorney, he knows how prosecutors think, and how to combat their strategies. There is no substitute for experience when a lawyer seeks to represent you in serious DWI or criminal matters. Michael A. Ferraro has ten years of experience prosecuting and defending criminal allegations throughout the Hudson Valley. Contact him today.

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